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If you are struggling to give your dog the exercise it needs, visit our booking system and arrange a time to visit our indoor dog park in Glasgow.

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You will be able to manage your own online account and benefit from of a wide range of features including; view invoices, payment options, view and change personal client and pet data, upload pet pictures and schedule services online.




 Equipment at our Indoor Dog Park  in Glasgow and Scotland

Taking the Stress Out of Canine Exercise

Welcome to Pawsitive Play. We provide dog owners with an indoor dog park in Glasgow where pets can receive training, exercise, and socialise with other dogs. This is a friendly and safe public space for owners to socialise with other owners and give their dogs the stimulation they need. Poor weather and work commitments can make giving your dog daily exercise difficult, which is why Pawsitive Play is here to take the stress out of giving your dog the best care. Our first-class facility offers equipment and support so suit all kinds of dogs, from puppy socialisation to dog training to agility courses.

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Puppy membership at our Indoor Dog Park  in Glasgow and Scotland  Puppy Play Membership

We charge the £10 fee for annual membership which includes a temperament test when you visit our indoor dog park in Glasgow for the first time ahead of giving you membership. This test is done to assess whether your dog is suitable for the play area and not liable to causing disruption. We look at levels of anxiety, stress, aggression, and record vaccination status for all pets. Customers are advised that a vaccination card (or a recent titre test record) will need to be produced on your first visit.






Puppy Play Sessions

  • £8 per 1 hour session or £12 - 2 Hour session

To enter your dog into one of our puppy socialisation sessions, you will need to bring your vaccination record and pay for membership for your dog to enjoy a play session, with an additional fee for each additional dog.

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Family Membership

  • £10 - Annual Membership

Join the Pawsitive Play family! If you are tired of lonely dog walks in the cold, our indoor dog park in Glasgow provides a welcoming place for dog owners to come together and socialise after work or on weekends whilst their dog plays. Annual Pawsitive Play membership costs £10.

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Breed Group Meetups or Dog Group Meetups

Pawsitive Play is also available to provide breed group meetups or dog group meetups if dog owners want a particular kind of session for their dogs. We will arrange dog activity sessions on a case-by-case basis, so just get in touch with us and we will come up with a plan that suits you!

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Give your dog the love it needs. Book a visit to Pawsitive Play’s indoor dog park in Glasgow today for puppy socialisation sessions, dog training, and much more.

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