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Pawsitive Play provides an indoor dog park in Glasgow that offers training, exercise and mental stimulation for dogs of all sizes. Giving your pets the daily exercise they need can be difficult due to work commitments or inclement weather, creating a vicious unhealthy cycle for you and your pet. That is why we supply a friendly and welcoming public space – warm in the winter and cool in the summer – whereby your dog can socialise with other dogs and make use of all kinds of specialised dog play equipment. Our goal is to make dog training and canine exercise a less stressful, more communal process in which dog owners and their pets can come together in a vibrant social hub.

Indoor Dog Park in Glasgow and Scotland


Book a Dog Play Session

Use our booking section to book a timeslot when you wish to bring your dog to our indoor dog park in Glasgow, or get in touch with us directly and we will book in a slot for you. We ask for details like the pet’s name and age, along with requiring up to date vaccination records to ensure the safety of other dogs.
A temperament test will be done on your first visit to determine your dog’s anxiety or stress levels. It may be that our indoor dog park in Glasgow is not the right place for your dog due to its temperament. In this case, we can come up with an arrangement that suits the needs of your pet.

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Dog Training Sessions at our Indoor Dog Park  in Glasgow and Scotland Dog Training Sessions

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We believe in providing dog training sessions that your pet actively enjoys. No harsh disciplining or forcing them to sit. The dog training sessions supplied by Pawsitive Play are led by an experienced dog trainer and happen at set times, with sessions adapted to suit different dog types such as puppies and fully-grown, highly social dogs.
Your dog will be taught skills that are genuinely useful, such as recalling the dog back to you. Doing this in a safe place, away from traffic and other distractions, gives owners peace of mind. Making sure that your dog is happy during these lessons serves as our highest priority.


Puppy Socialisation classes at our Indoor Dog Park  in Glasgow and Scotland  Puppy Socialisation Classes


Due to leash laws in Scotland, dogs are becoming more antisocial and anxious. This isolation from other dogs can culminate in a series of health problems that can be simply avoided by supplying a safe place for dog play and puppy socialisation. Our socialisation classes are more regular than training classes and essentially focus on letting young dogs be around other dogs.
At a time when people have been isolated and stressed, it is important to recognise that dogs become anxious as well. Just like us, they benefit enormously from social interaction. Pawsitive Play provides an area where both dogs and their owners can get together and boost their wellbeing through socialising in a welcoming place.

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 Dog Facilities at our Indoor Dog Park  in Glasgow and Scotland

Our Facilities

Take a look at the range of facilities we have available at our indoor dog park in Glasgow. We supply different equipment to suit dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments, along with being able to create separate sections so that puppy socialisation, dog training and other activities dedicated towards a certain dog type can happen simultaneously.

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How To Find Us

We are located on Hollandhurst Road in Coatbridge, a 20-minute drive from Glasgow City Centre and an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. Pawsitive Play’s indoor dog play centre has onsite parking with disability access and facilities.



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Keep up to date with the latest events and courses at Pawsitive Play.

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For an indoor dog park in Glasgow where your pet can receive the puppy socialisation or dog training it needs, get in touch with Pawsitive Play.

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